types of foxes

 These foxes were so cool to learn about.

 The Argentine grey fox goes by some other names like Chilla or the Grey Zorro. Argentine gray fox can be located in the south part of South America, especially Chile or Argentina. At Argentina, the Argentine gray fox lives at the semi-arid parts.

 Argentine gray foxes are small can weigh around 2.5 to 4 kilograms, and lengthwise, they could go from 43 centimeters up to 70 centimeters. Diet of these foxes are eating : rabbits, birds and rodents. So these foxes fall under the omnivores.

 Breeding occurs in March, and when a gestation of two months has passed, 2-4 newborns would form the litter. When the baby's are born both genders participate.

  You may find it weird, but this particular fox is capable of eating geese.
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